Affidavit & Notary

What is It?

Affidavits are regularly utilized in court as a component of official actions, however they can be utilized in various different circumstances also. Maybe you need to get legally engaged with your partner in another country, you may need to provide the experts in a foreign country with proof (presumably through a sworn assertion) that you have never been in any legal union (or that you are legitimately separated) before the other country will provide you a marriage permit.

Why you my need an affidavit!

The purpose of your required affidavit will be determined out what data you need to provide in it. For instance, the affirmation to demonstrate you are qualified to wed your first love in an unfamiliar nation will be totally different from a sworn statement of administration — which sets out how and when you served a record on somebody in a court continuing — however they all begin basically something similar: you recognize yourself and begin recounting your story. Furthermore, they basically end something very similar: you show up before a Commissioner of Oaths or a Notary Public, you give the person in question substantial distinguishing proof, then, at that point swear that the substance of the testimony are valid, sign the affirmation, and the Commissioner or Notary then, at that point signs and stamps the sworn statement for you.

We do it right

Our Firm provides a straight-forward and simple path to providing convenient and accessible notarial services. Our Notaries are licensed Lawyers and Paralegals and we offer same-day notarial service which is accepted across Canada and internationally. Whether you require notarization for a Power of Attorney; Will; or Affidavit; we guarantee that your document will be notarized incompliance with local laws and customs. We cannot guarantee that your notarized document will be accepted by a third-party recipient but we can assist to make sure your papers are not rejected.