Family Law

Family comes first

Family Law involves some of the most precious assets we value as members of a community. Ensuring that our Client's family matters are handled with the utmost care and consideration is as important to our firm as if each and every Client was a member of our own Family. What ever your circumstances is, you can expect a professional, knowledgeable, detail orientated experience from our Legal Team. Setting a standard of exceptional service and compassion starts with having a core of family values. Trust Tofazzel Law with your family.

We are pioneers in family law

We have gained notoriety for quality, advancement and cooperation. Our methodology is basic. We devote ourselves to quality and administration.

In our more than 10 years, the firm has consistently been an innovator in the family law and expert obligation fields. The firm is focused on elective debate goal systems, and clever fixes to convoluted issues. A few individuals from the firm are much of the time called upon by other family law direction to go about as go between and referees, to offer guidance, or to go about as co-advice to aid the goal of family law matters.

We offer praiseworthy portrayal and legal counselors who act in a wide scope of family questions in the courts and in intervention and mediation, and different kinds of elective debate goal.

Agreements & Contracts

By and large, we start our connections with no composed agreements and when a dwelling together or marriage closes, the law endorses certain rights and commitments. Homegrown agreements in family law are arrangements that can resolve issues in case of a future breakdown in the relationship or record the terms that the couple might come to settle upon after a breakdown through exchange.

Our legal counselors can help you with the exchange of such agreements by instructing you on the law and different choices to accomplish the most ideal goal or expected goal for yourself as well as your family.

Spousal & Child support

In family law, dwelling together inside or outside marriage is seen as a monetary organization. At the point when a relationship closes, monetary help, as one or the other youngster or spousal help, might be payable from one life partner to the next.

The government and commonplace principles and rules that give the system to kid and spousal help can be mind boggling. Our legal advisors will disclose the law to assist you with exploring this occasionally muddled interaction and supporter for our customers' privileges through arrangement, intervention, discretion and case. We offer redid, imaginative, ground breaking and where fitting, charge driven arrangements, and invest heavily in conveying prevalent assistance with care and empathy.

Asset division

One of the essential objectives upon detachment is to accomplish a reasonable division of property and resources. Under the Family Law Act (Ontario), wedded life partners are dependent upon a property division system called "Adjustment of Net Family Property". Unmarried or precedent-based law mates are not dependent upon the programmed leveling system of the Family Law Act and are needed to make out their property claims on an alternate premise.

Our legal advisors realize that every family's monetary circumstance is remarkable. The mastery and profundity of information in monetary issue at Tofazzel Law permits us to investigate custom fitted answers for assist with getting an effective monetary future for our customers, regardless of whether through case or different techniques for question goal. Our group can ably explore any degree of monetary intricacy.


At the point when a couple or families can't resolve their wedding matters through exchange or intervention, or when prompt activity is required because of security or difficulty issues, case might be the main choice. Prosecution requires court procedures to draw in judges to help with goal, if conceivable, or to make legitimately restricting court orders after thought of proof set forward by the gatherings. With a successful presence when we contest in court, our portrayal of our customers can frequently prompt arranged settlements which lessen costly court fights.