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The process of immigrating to a new country can be overwhelming. Our experienced Legal Team not only understands the legal challenges of immigrating to a new country but have experienced the immigration process personally.  At Tofazzel Law our strength lies in our Clients and our community. Our goal is to make our Clients feel secure in every aspect of the legal process. Let us help you start your new journey in life and become part of the Tofazzel Law family.

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We have helped more than 1000 individuals get comfortable Canada. With our assistance in excess of 500 individuals in Canada have rejoined with companions, guardians, kids, and different family members.

We value giving amazing migration exhortation and responsive customer care. Each customer gets individual consideration from an authorized migration attorney. We handle a wide range of migration applications and requests. Our migration legal advisors in Toronto regularly handle complex movement cases, assisting individuals with settling extradition arranges, and bombed applications.

Temporary visa

While Canada attracts thousands of skilled immigrants on a potentially permanent basis through its various immigration programs each year, it also attracts an equally impressive number of foreigners on a temporary basis to fill various short-term personnel gaps in its various industries, as students seeking an education at a reputable Canadian university, or simply as tourists.

Permanent Residency

It is the responsibility of a lawful permanent resident to maintain their status in Canada. The person must have lived in Canada for at least two years out of the last five years since since obtaining permanent residency.

Study Permit

Because of the quality of education provided at the country's educational establishments, as well as the country's inclusive environment, Canadian universities and schools have high respect and reputation across the world. This is evident in the fact that the number of overseas students enrolling in Canadian institutions continues to rise year after year.

Work Permit

Job opportunities in Canada have been increasing over time. A survey found that over a thousand jobs are still vacant. As a result, highly qualified people are necessary to maintain Canada's financial development before significant labour shortages in 2021.


As a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you may sponsor family members or your spouse to come to Canada. Your partner may live with you in Canada or even abroad. The Canadian government emphasizes the significance of reuniting many Canadian families with their loved ones, as well as any dependent children. Members who want to become permanent residents are asked to join the sponsoring resident.


Not all countries enable its residents to get Canadian citizenship. Many do not allow dual citizenship. Applicants for citizenship must be fluent in English or French, as well as have a broad understanding of Canada's geography, history, and political system. Individuals must ensure that they are qualified to apply for citizenship, including the required amount of days before applying. If the minimum number of applicants is not met, the candidate may be disqualified. Keep in mind that there are no refunds available once the application has been submitted.