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Real Estate Sale

To sell your home, Contact a real estate attorney

If you've never gone through the closing process for selling a property in Toronto, there are steps to take. A real estate lawyer may assist you with conducting title searches to confirm the sale of your property is legitimate, ensuring monies are collected prior to transferring the deed to the buyer, delivering keys to the new owner, and notifying utility providers of the transaction.

Property law may be ambiguous and complicated. These statutes have been interpreted by a residential real estate lawyer. They can assist you on how to comply with local rules and bylaws. When selling a home, you should always follow property law.

When selling a property, you may be subject to hefty tax obligations. A real estate lawyer can advise you on what to expect and how to respond appropriately. Some sellers, for example, may be compelled to pay tax on the gains they make from a property sale. There may be tax rules that they are not aware of that might assist sellers save money on this. In some cases, it may also be possible to omit these advantages. Regardless, a lawyer is there to assist you.

In most situations, realtors will utilize a template for an Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Unfortunately, not all house sales are created equal. There may be some modifications or additions that must be made. There may need to be restrictions included as to what occurs if a sale does not complete due to defects in the home discovered during the inspection or other concerns. A lawyer can assist you with this.