Wills, Estate & Trust

Wills, Estate & Trust Services in GTA

Determining plans for when we are gone is an emotional and often confusing experience. Allowing Tofazzel Law to handle the legal aspects of this process will ease your mind. Our experienced and qualified professional team will ensure your final wishes are put into place to protect both you, your family, and your assets. Our Team will conduct an interview to determine the Client's needs and then create a plan of action as well as all of the necessary paperwork to make sure your family is protected.

Knowing the matters

Assisting the personal representative in obtaining Probate of a Will, or Letters of Administration if no Will is discovered, and advising on administrative tasks as needed are all part of the trust and estate administration services. This includes guidance on gathering assets, paying liabilities, establishing any trusts established under the terms of a Will, and communicating with beneficiaries about accounting and distribution issues. It might contain guidance for individual or corporate executors and trustees on the administration of ongoing trusts, as well as the interpretation and implementation of trust provisions.

It necessitates a thorough grasp of Wills and Trusts legislation and Surrogate Court practice, as well as a comprehension of applicable income tax rules and an awareness of problems to be considered for clients with assets in more than one jurisdiction. It entails the creation of Wills, Trusts, Enduring Powers of Attorney for financial problems, Personal Directives for health and personal care issues, and advice on Trust and Estate administration topics.

Trustee and estate management services include assisting the personal representative with obtaining estate or administrative letters when a will is not found and providing advice on administrative tasks when needed. This may include advising executors and sole or corporate trustees in connection with the administration of ongoing trusts or in relation to the interpretation and implementation of the trust.

Let us handle the troubles

Estate preparation and implementation may be a difficult process, especially when there are complicated financial and commercial assets or family relationships involved.

Our approach to estate planning and administration enables us to give our customers with a comprehensive service that takes into consideration their individual personal and financial circumstances. We take the time to listen to our clients' estate planning issues and aspirations, and we collaborate with them to build a strategy that works for them. We are experienced in tailoring estate plans to fit the particular needs of our clients, regardless of the amount of complexity involved, with over 15 years of expertise and an ongoing commitment to keep current of the newest changes in Wills and estates law. We take a personalized approach to this process, carefully designing and implementing a strategy to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.