A S M Tofazzel Haque

Who am I?

The founder of Tofazzel Law and the lead of Real Estate department. I was born in a law family. My father was a lawyer, and I am really proud of having at least 8 lawyers in my close relatives who are practicing law in Bangladesh and in England. Apart from my late father Azizur Rahman, I have learnt a lot about the art of legal and mediation advocacy with professionalism, due diligence and total integrity.

My experience

For over 5 years, I am also seasoned in civil, business, criminal and constitutional matters in the High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Besides, I feel proud to be a faculty of law under the Dept. of law& Justice in the Southeast University, Bangladesh, where I served more than5years and matured my academic legal acumen and research techniques.

Again, in Canada I have gained the Canadian legal experiences for more than 2 years under different lawyers in Canada, as well. in order to enhance my Canadian legal expertise, I did three Diplomas in Law clerk , Paralegal and Immigration Consultant where I have experienced with a variety of legal practical skills with legal software. In conclusion, I must say that I am ready to serve you, and always committed to be your trustee securing your rights.